Times of Evasion

Order processing times vary according to the payment method adopted:

In the case of payment by credit card, Paypal, advance bank transfer, the fulfillment of the order is subject to the actual crediting of the amount to be paid to our account. It usually takes 2 or 3 days for this to happen.

Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays or during company closing days for holidays or national holidays * will be processed starting from the next working day.

* By "Italian national holidays" we mean:

1 and 6 January

Easter and Easter Monday

25 April

May 1

June 2

August 15th

November 1

December 8

25 and 26 December

Delivery methods and times

All orders processed by BALLOONS WORLD STORE S.r.l. they are shipped directly from Italy by courier chosen by the company, unless expressly requested by the customer.

Delivery by the courier generally takes place within 24/48 hours from the date of shipment, it is therefore necessary that the recipient provides for the presence of an interested party to receive the order on the days in which delivery is expected.

If the customer wishes to use his courier, simply check the "Freight collect" option in the "Shipping" item. In this case, the customer must necessarily indicate his subscription code and the name of the courier.

In the event that the customer decides to use his own courier, the following must be kept in mind:

 cash on delivery is not accepted as a type of payment, therefore it is necessary to pay by bank transfer in advance

 the reservation of the collection must be made by the customer who must necessarily notify us of the precise date on which the carrier will collect the goods

 collection must be made at: BALLOONS WORLD STORE S.r.l.

Via San Leonardo, 41 (Team Location)

03034 - Casalvieri (FR) Collection times: 08: 30-12: 30 - 13: 30-17: 30Contact the number +39 0776 617197 for any communications

 Enter the name of the courier and the subscription code when confirming the order

 BALLOONS WORLD STORE S.r.l. declines all responsibility for damage or loss relating to shipments managed by the customer



Delivery costs

The shipping price is calculated based on the amount of the online order, but may be subject to variations due to the weight or volume of the goods ordered.

In the case of an order delivered, by choice of the customer, on several occasions, for example in the event that all the requested goods are not available at the same time and the customer decides to anticipate delivery only for the goods available, the costs will be calculated for each single shipment. Therefore there is no possibility of cost reduction for multiple shipments.

If the recipient fails to collect the goods, BALLOONS WORLD STORE S.r.l. will charge the customer for any costs of return and / or storage of the goods as applied by the courier.